‘Failing Faith’


A full-length book from Wade Bearden, Failing Faith is a humorous, heartbreaking, and penetrating memoir about pain, suffering, and spiritual doubt.

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Wade Bearden thought he had faith figured out. He grew up in church, read through the entire Bible by age ten, and even did puppet shows to positive Christian music. As a young adult, he became a pastor and taught theology classes at a local university. But after watching friends die, losing two jobs, and seeing his own father diagnosed with cancer, Wade found his faith failing. He realized that his ideas about God were far too comfortable. They were good excuses to be safe and affluent, but not anything that could stand up to disappointment and suffering. Somehow, along the way, he had traded an ancient, powerful Christianity for a Christianity made in the image of success and well-being. In Failing Faith, Wade uses humor and stories of personal pain to detail his journey to recapture what was lost—his journey to find a richer, more meaningful faith that bears the weight of depression, loss, and even comfort.

For anyone whose faith was crushed by the real world.

For anyone trying to reconcile a loving God in the midst of sadness.

For anyone looking for a faith that finds its roots in Jesus rather than the American dream.

Failing Faith is a unique, emotional, and often funny take on what it means to be a follower of Jesus in a dark, materialistic world.


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“For those like me, who are still moving through a dark valley, ‘Failing Faith’ will serve as a welcome guide, one that doesn’t seek to gloss over tragedy, but helps us look it straight in the face and find meaning and hope. For those who have yet to experience loss, Bearden’s words will shock us, and lead us to a deeper, more stable faith.”

– Richard Clark, online managing editor, Christianity Today


“They say a man with experience is never at the mercy of a man with a theory. I love what Wade has written in Failing Faith because it comes from his personal experience. We all doubt our faith at times and this book gives us permission to ask hard questions. Wade has done just that. He has wrestled with hard questions, grief, and doubt, and the answers he has emerged with are a breath of fresh air and encouragement.”

– Joël Malm, Author of Fully You and Founder of Summit Leaders

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