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Wade’s Wisdom: The Dad Whisperer

Wade —  November 15, 2013 —  Comments


I used to think I was a baby whisperer. After all, it came natural to me. No baby was too difficult. Fussy, laid-back, or sick. If there was anyone who could handle the situation, I was your guy.

Then the complaints starting rolling in. Continue Reading…


As many of you know, my wife and I had our first child about three weeks ago.┬áBefore she gave birth, I joked a great deal about Priscilla being pregnant. In all honesty, she was awesome about my humor. There was one rule though. No wise cracks in the delivery room, specifically when she was either pushing or experiencing contractions. Continue Reading…

Weston Baby 2

First, let me start out by saying that the baby is doing extremely well. He’s only needed to be changed a couple of times and he really enjoys eating. He even slept through the night! Okay, now that I’m done talking about myself, let me tell you about my wife and the new baby in our family. Continue Reading…