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Wade’s Wisdom: The Dad Whisperer

Wade —  November 15, 2013 —  Comments


I used to think I was a baby whisperer. After all, it came natural to me. No baby was too difficult. Fussy, laid-back, or sick. If there was anyone who could handle the situation, I was your guy.

Then the complaints starting rolling in. Continue Reading…


As any woman who’s been pregnant knows, having a baby is tough. Ladies, you’ve seen firsthand just how hard a pregnancy can be on your family. Late night food runs for the perfect burger. Stretch marks. Complete strangers in the supermarket who love to rub bulging bellies like they’re Aladdin’s lamp. And that’s only mentioning what happens to your husband during these difficult nine months.

Since my wife is pregnant with our first child, I feel like it would only be right of me to inform other men of just how hard it is to be an expecting father. Continue Reading…