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Sherlock - Series 2

One of my favorite shows on television is BBC’s Sherlock. At the onset, Sherlock’s premise doesn’t seem all too revolutionary—the modern day retelling of Authur Conan Doyle’s beloved character—yet the execution of that premise is impeccable.

What makes the show so interesting to watch is Sherlock’s (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) keen sense of observation. No detail gets past him. In the episode The Great Game, Holmes speaks about the innate power of observation:

Officer: But what has this got to do with that painting. I don’t see wh—

Sherlock: You do see, you just don’t observe.

Thinking about observation sparked an idea in my mind. How would Sherlock Holmes read the Bible? What would he observe about the text? How many preachers would receive a pithy insult after he sat through one of their sermons?

Often, when it comes to the Bible, we see, we just “don’t observe.” But what if we read the Bible like Sherlock would? I think we’d find ourselves following five very important principles. Continue Reading…