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Noah is a film I have looked forward to for some time. My previous blog about the movie (Noah Might Not Be Biblical, But That’s Okay) is by far my most popular article to date. Most liked it. Some disagreed. Some agreed, saw the film, and then disagreed. Continue Reading…


Words used to describe Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential election:






I think that pretty much sums it up. Continue Reading…


I’m pumped to be able to review the new Mark Wahlberg film, Lone Survivor, for Christianity Today. Check it out on their site. Like, share, tweet, comment!


Catching Fire is a Terrible Teen Movie

Wade —  November 27, 2013 —  Comments


I grew up in a family of eight. I competed in the Hunger Games every time dinner was served. And, as you can tell from my 6’1, 150 pound frame, the odds were never in my favor. When my parents walked in with fast food, my brothers descended on our kitchen table like it was an arena cornucopia. Continue Reading…


A good film is like cottage cheese. Even when it’s spoiled, there’s still much to enjoy. Saying this, I do my best to never give away any important movie plot points on my blog. That is unless it’s The Notebook. I have no qualms telling you THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END. Continue Reading…

10 Things That Make Gravity Awesome

Wade —  October 23, 2013 —  Comments


I apologize for just now hopping on the Gravity ship. I saw the new film from Alfonso Cuarón two weeks after it opened, making me feel like the kid who missed a weekend party because of his chess tournament.

Before you throw your stones, I have to remind you that I am the father of a 3 1/2 month old. So don’t blame me. Blame the baby. Continue Reading…

Arrested Development

Remember when Arrested Development debuted a fourth season on Netflix? You can probably recall the week or two leading up to it where countless bloggers and entertainment news sites heralded the triumphant return of the cult phenomenon. Maybe you forgot all about that. After all, that happened, like, a year ago, right? Wrong. That was barely a month ago. It’s really odd for someone like me, an obsessively dedicated fan, to forget all about it. Continue Reading…