The Expectant Father 2: The New Father

Wade —  July 3, 2013 —  Comments

Weston Baby 2

First, let me start out by saying that the baby is doing extremely well. He’s only needed to be changed a couple of times and he really enjoys eating. He even slept through the night! Okay, now that I’m done talking about myself, let me tell you about my wife and the new baby in our family.

Priscilla and I checked into the hospital on Sunday evening, thinking it was a false alarm and that we would be out in a couple of hours. Weston wasn’t even due for another three weeks. When the doctor asked us to stay overnight, I got a little worried. Mostly because The Shining was playing on the TV in our room. What does this mean? I didn’t want my son’s first words to be “redrum.” I heard that if you read “redrum” backwards, it represents something sinister. I’m too lazy to figure out what it is exactly, but that was enough to scare me. In the end though, we decided to take the doctor’s advice and stay the night.

Before I tell you about Weston’s birth, I need to let everyone know that my wife is a trooper. All day Monday Priscilla experienced contraction after contraction. Given this and her high blood pressure, the hospital decided to keep her the whole day for observation. That night we were told that it would be best to let the doctor induce her. On top of everything she had gone through, Priscilla also had high protein levels in her system. I had to apologize to Pris. I didn’t realize that me being on the Atkins Diet would affect her so strongly. Meat must be contagious.

After midnight they started the process and Pris stayed in labor all day Tuesday. That evening the nurse had her start pushing. I was so proud of how hard she worked. I did take time to remind her that I was the one who did this to her. You’re welcome.

What I chose not tell Priscilla was how tired I got from standing next to her during the entire ordeal. Some people just don’t have the luxury of lying in bed the whole time. I felt it was better to just work through the suffering, so I kept my mouth shut. Pain can be contagious too and I didn’t want my wife to have to go through that.

Pris pushed for almost three hours before our doctor talked to us about a C-Section. You wouldn’t think so, but my son was just too big to get out of that mother.

I was pretty scared because when I heard C-Section all I could think of was Alien. And Aliens. And the third Alien movie, that I don’t remember the name of. Wasn’t it like the mathematical cubed symbol? Then there are all of those Alien vs. Predator movies. Those were just terrible. Anyways, I got anxious for Pris and the baby. In all seriousness, it was very difficult to think about her going in for surgery.

Once the process started, I was told that the staff couldn’t get Priscilla’s stomach numb enough to perform the operation and they would need to put her to sleep. I wouldn’t be able to see Weston’s birth or cut the umbilical cord. Now, when he is a teenager I’ll have to say: “A registered nurse name Jerry brought you into this world, and I’m pretty sure if we were able to track him down he could take you out.” That’s what Bill Cosby would say anyway.

So I sat outside the OR and waited. It seemed like forever. The hallway was empty and dark and I was alone. Just praying. Then I heard my son. Through the doors there was a wimper, then cry. I think that was probably the first time in my life that I actually enjoyed hearing a baby cry.

Jerry carried him out and I got to see my Weston for the first time. He was beautiful (6lbs 5oz; 19.5 inches long). It was instant love. On my side anyway. Weston gave me a look that said, “Oh crap. I was hoping my dad would be better looking.”


“At least dad doesn’t have a receding hairline.”

It took Priscilla a while to wake up from the medicine which made me worried. She had trouble breathing on her own and I felt helpless for a good fifteen minutes. Then she opened her eyes and I showed her Weston. I’ll never forget the smile on her face as she saw our son for the first time.

I laughed a little while after Pris came to because she looked completely wasted. Then I glanced back at Weston and laughed again because newborns look like little drunks too. After that I was like, “Well if everyone else is doing it, I might as well too.” So I pulled out a Budweiser from my jacket pocket.

Just kidding you guys. It was Jack Daniels.

Weston Baby 1

He’s not small, that’s just a really big hand.

Now we’re here enjoying our incredible son. Priscilla is doing great; she was so strong. Weston is healthy and peaceful. We’ve had tons of help from friends and family and for that we are eternally grateful. It takes a village or in our case, a number equal to the entire population of South Dakota, to raise a child.

I also need to give a shout out to Weston’s grandpas (My dad Wayne and Priscilla’s dad Steve). After labor they informed me how difficult it is to be the dad of the dad and mom. I’ve written about the trials of being an expectant father, but didn’t realize how hard it must be for the expectant grandfathers. They had to be pillars outside of the Operating Room. If you think it’s difficult giving birth, imagine having to entertain everyone waiting for you to give birth. Thanks for the help dads. All the grandmothers did was coach during labor and take care of Weston afterwards.

Right now, Priscilla and I are soaking in the joys of having our son with us. We want to thank everyone for your sweet comments, messages, and prayers. We can’t wait for you all to meet Weston in the near future.

The Family

There are two beautful people in this photo. Hint: I’m not one.

It’s been a long couple of days so I think I’m going to try to catch a nap. Wait, what? We’re not going to be able to sleep for another eighteen years?!

Next you’re probably going to tell me that the nurse isn’t coming home with us on Friday.