Wade’s Wisdom: It’s Time Single Men Acted Like Future Husbands

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There’s been a resurgence simmering in our world. A call echoing throughout society to males everywhere. This cry comes in the form of a challenge: Single men must learn to stand up and start acting like future husbands. Our modern period, unlike any other, has seen an increase in prolonged male adolescence. Instead of stepping up to the plate and learning what it means to be a mature husband, countless men spend their days floundering about in the land between childhood and faithful spouse.

That is why I’m asking that all spouse-less males within the sound of my blog, take the challenge and begin living like future husbands. Show women that you’re marriage material, by acting like marriage material today.

Here are a few ways to help you do this:

Single men, it’s possible that in the near future you’ll meet a woman who finds you attractive. Maybe she’ll flirt. Maybe she bats her eyes. It’s possible that she’ll even ask for your number.

Brother, you have to shut that train down.

The essence of living like a future husband is viewing each circumstance through the grid of matrimony. If it’s not right for a married man, her advances are certainly not right for you.

Maybe you’ve been frequenting the local brewery with your buddies throughout the week. That can be a problem. You’ll never be ready to devote attention to your spouse if you don’t make an effort to set aside moments now. Tell your friends that you need to spend some one on one time with your future mate. Then, cozy up on the couch with a Josh Duhamel romantic-comedy and a colorful platter full of fruit. If you want to prepare for marriage, live like the knot’s already tied.

Let’s get a little more practical so we’re all on the same page. Next time you go to the movie theater, don’t forget to buy two tickets instead of one. Only jerks would make their wife pay her own way. And please, don’t be like those husbands who never share their Sour Patch Kids, that’s what pre-marriage you would do. Set half of them aside for when you meet that special lady. It might not sound like much now, but they add up over time. I also think it’s pretty sweet when single dudes take a few minutes to wait outside of the women’s bathroom before they head to their car. Practice makes perfect.

Facebook is a great resource as well. Changing your relationship status to indicate you’re married says, “Get back ladies, faithfulness doesn’t start in the future, it starts immediately.” The icing on the cake is when you start tweeting about how much you love your spouse. Who wouldn’t want to start racking up points now?

Goodbye Throwback Thursday, hello “Future Spouse Friday.” Can you do something for me? Stand up straight and stick your arm out like it’s wrapped around the waist of someone next to you. Take a picture and upload it on Instagram with the tag “#FSF.” Future husband you says, “You’re welcome.”

Hey guys, you know how you love to make sandwiches for lunch? Stop it. You’re not going to be the one making them after you’re married, now are you?

Some might want to go even further by beginning fatherhood a bit early. Before heading to bed tonight, set your alarm in three hour increments. One of the biggest problems in our world is absent fathers. Commit to being present. Right now.

If you want to be a good husband, start acting like it. The woman who won’t mind fighting for a married man will benefit from knowing that you’ve waited all of these years for her.

So, the next time you’re at a restaurant by yourself and someone asks you, “Is this seat taken?” Look at them confidently and say,

“Why yes, yes it is.”


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