We Raised $1,000 for Typhoon Victims!

Wade —  December 10, 2013 —  Comments


Last week, we launched a project on WadeBearden.com to help the Typhoon victims in the Philippines. Well today, I am pumped to announce that because of you, we raised a total of $1,000!

Let’s think about this $1,000 for a moment. As a result of your generosity, we’ve provided roughly 100¬†people with food for a month. This blows my mind. 100 or so individuals just had their life drastically changed forever. Our donations just might have meant life or death for an adult or child.

It’s hard to think about this without tearing up.

I can’t express how grateful I am for all of you, my readers, who shared posts, liked statuses, and above all, gave your hard-earned cash.¬†Your generosity is more than I can ask for.

The world is a little bit better place because of you.

I’ll be back posting on the blog tomorrow, but for now i just want to say thanks, friends.

– Wade and Priscilla Bearden

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