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EDGE OF TOMORROW-cruise-blunt

Edge of Tomorrow – Warner Brothers

“Courage is not simply one of the virtues but the form of every virtue at the testing point.”

– C.S. Lewis

When audiences first meet Tom Cruise’s character (Bill Cage) in Edge of Tomorrow, he’s cocky, weak, and selfish. With a background in advertising, Cage has risen through the ranks of the United States military, using charm and charisma to boost enlistments in a war against an extraterrestrial force engulfing Europe. Cage has never seen battle, but he is a salesman. And, like any good salesman, Cage pushes a product: the army’s new exoskeleton combat suit. A suit that promises to transform even those with limited military experience into alien-slaying machines. Continue Reading…


As I’ve said in the past, we may not like Tom Cruise, but yet we all like Tom Cruise. Most of the time when we see a movie trailer featuring the 50 year-old actor—that we can’t believe is a 50 year-old actor—we pause. I wonder if… Click to read full article