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My Ten Most Popular Blogs of 2013

Wade —  December 31, 2013 —  Comments



It’s not you, it’s me.

2013 has seen some pretty incredible events. My son Weston was born on July 2nd. I went skydiving. My wife and I bought our first house (or, if you’re Dave Ramsey, we didn’t). I guess there were some other important events that happened in the world as well. I don’t remember. launched in May to the mild amusement of people everywhere. To celebrate my blog’s first New Years celebration, I thought it would be fitting to do a recap of my ten most popular posts. Continue Reading…


Leanor, saxophonist for Five Iron Frenzy, talks change, the band’s maturity, and why their new album won’t end with a song of worship.


2003 wasn’t the best year for me. I was a sixteen year old brace faced, acne covered teenager who spent his days fighting off the ladies with a replica lightsaber. 2003 was also the year Five Iron Frenzy said goodbye. After a nationwide farewell tour and album, the band hung up their brass instruments for good. Eight years of music came to a close in a neatly tied bow. Five Iron Frenzy was dead. Continue Reading…