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It’s not you, it’s me.

2013 has seen some pretty incredible events. My son Weston was born on July 2nd. I went skydiving. My wife and I bought our first house (or, if you’re Dave Ramsey, we didn’t). I guess there were some other important events that happened in the world as well. I don’t remember. launched in May to the mild amusement of people everywhere. To celebrate my blog’s first New Years celebration, I thought it would be fitting to do a recap of my ten most popular posts.

RERUNS SON.’s Ten Most Popular Blogs of 2013


10. Wade’s Wisdom: Halloween Costume Do-Not-Wear-List

We’re starting this list out with a bang. The “Wade’s Wisdom” category has been an instructional guide for scores of people in 2013. This post on what not to wear during Halloween is no different.


Daniel Craig

9. Five Actors Who Proved the Haters Wrong

Ben Affleck set the internet on fire when he was cast as the new Batman. This isn’t the first time an actor has gotten beef for a role. It won’t be the last.



8. Wade’s Wisdom: The Expectant Father

My very first Wade’s Wisdom blog. Here, I write about what it means to be an expectant father. It’s harder than you think. A line at the end of this piece is probably the best thing I have ever written: “I don’t know about you, but that’s deeper than a birth canal.”


Twenty Two and 22

7. Wade’s Wisdom: Taylor Swift’s “22″

I’m extremely proud of this one. I’m also a little scared that I came up with the whole thing by myself. If you were to peer inside my brain, you’d find a squirrel juggling extremely sharp daggers.

Blogger Tip: Use “Taylor Swift” in a title and the search engines will make sure you are compensated accordingly.



6. Four Bible Verses You’re Probably Misinterpreting

I have to say, I thought this post would only get a couple of hits. I was fairly surprised with the popularity it generated. In all seriousness, it makes me happy to know I (hopefully) helped a few people learn more about the Bible.


Weston Baby 2

5. The Expectant Father 2: The New Father

This post chronicles the best/scariest day of my life. July 2, 2013. The day my son was born. I couldn’t be prouder of my wife and I couldn’t love Little Man more.

When he becomes a teenager, I’m going to make him read this post so he will APPRECIATE HIS PARENTS.



4. Prisoners Takes You Captive From Start to Finish

This list is full of surprises. Coming in at #4 is my little review on Prisoners. Hugh Jackman claims another website as his own.



3. A Critical Assessment of the Traps in Home Alone 2

You can’t stop Macaulay Culkin. In this blog I look at what the traps in Home Alone 2 would actually do to the Sticky Bandits. COMEDY.

Brag: If you google, “Home Alone 2 Traps,” my post is the third site listed. ALL I DO IS WIN.



2. Catching Fire is a Terrible Teen Movie

I’ll admit, the reason this post made 2nd place is partly because I trolled everyone with the title.


I got a great deal of positive feedback on this one. Which is surprising because it was a toughie to write.



1. The Digitally Remastered Five Iron Frenzy

Here we go; #1. This post is pretty special to me. I had an opportunity to interview a member of one of my favorite bands. Five Iron ended up loving the article so much they shared it on a few of their social media outlets.


From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thanks to all of you who made this year great. You read, shared, and commented on my blog countless times. It means so much to me. We also raised $1,000 for typhoon victims in the Philippines. It just goes to show that together we can do great things. I look forward to those great things in 2014. I’m also pumped to hopefully release my first full-length book this next year. I’m currently completing The Realist and can’t wait to share it with you.

Much love to my friends, family members, my wife Priscilla, my son Weston, and most importantly, God. Life threw our family a couple of curveballs in 2013, but we got through them together.

For those of you in the middle of a dark season—whether it be loss, depression, or grief—always remember to hope. Some of our crosses are heavier than others. Some demons are left behind the scenes with a curtain that never seems to open. But there’s always hope. Hope will never let us go. Hope gives us new beginnings.


It really isn’t you. It’s me.

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