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Recently, I wrote a two-part series for Momentum Magazine about how to connect introverts in youth ministry. As I was thinking through my articles the other day, I suddenly realized that these principles don’t just apply to church ministry. Sure, the specifics might be different, but learning how to connect introverts is a valuable skill for almost everyone. Parents, managers, coaches, teachers, entrepreneurs. We could all stand to learn more about introversion. It’s not something we talk about too much (pun). Below are the links to my articles. I hope you enjoy them, even if you don’t work in a church.

Connecting Introverts in Your Youth Ministry – Part 1

Connecting Introverts in Your Youth Ministry – Part 2

Sermon Series

This past week I did a blog series for my buddies at Marketing Matters specializes in church promotions and creative design. Over the course of four posts, I talked about why I believe churches should use sermon series. If you’re interested, links to all four blogs are below:

Reason #1: Sermon Series Function as Mental Reminders for Your Church

Reason #2: Sermon Series Allow You to Go Deeper in God’s Word

Reason #3: Sermon Series Help Pastors Be Better Prepared

Reason #4: Sermons Series Create Momentum that Can Lead to Growth



Sad Teenage Girl

It’s that time of year when students from all around the country are competing in their district’s Fine Arts Festival. Over the past few months, these teenagers have spilled blood, sweat, and tears to compile dramas, songs, monologues, and sermons in hopes of achieving the ultimate prize—a chance to travel to Orlando, Florida for this year’s national competition. For many, their hard work, forged in the dim-light of church sanctuaries, fellowship halls, and even undersized classrooms, has finally paid off.

But what about those students who didn’t advance to Nationals? Continue Reading…