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Three weeks ago my father was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukemia. It reminded me of one really good reason Christians should attend church.

I say “one reason” instead of “the reason,” because I don’t think it’s possible to boil church down to a single argument. But I do think this is an important point we don’t talk about as much as we should.

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Sermon Series

This past week I did a blog series for my buddies at Marketing Matters specializes in church promotions and creative design. Over the course of four posts, I talked about why I believe churches should use sermon series. If you’re interested, links to all four blogs are below:

Reason #1: Sermon Series Function as Mental Reminders for Your Church

Reason #2: Sermon Series Allow You to Go Deeper in God’s Word

Reason #3: Sermon Series Help Pastors Be Better Prepared

Reason #4: Sermons Series Create Momentum that Can Lead to Growth