10 Summer Movies Every Christian Needs to Know About

Wade —  April 22, 2014 —  Comments


While summer cinema is usually judged by popcorn—not philosophical—consumption, this year’s upcoming releases look to pose a number of questions that just might get our brains turning. From issues like equality, supernaturalism, and human progress, these next few months at tinseltown have the potential to instigate a slew of conversations about faith and culture.

Here are ten of the most anticipated movies hitting theaters this summer and a few themes to look out for:

10. Snowpiercer (June 27)
To say that the plot of director Joon-ho Bong’s (Mother, The Host) first English film is unique would be an understatement. After most of the planet is destroyed by a global-warming experiment, what’s left of civilization survives in a perpetual motion train divided by a ruthless class system.

Themes: oppression, equality

9. Transformers: Age of Extinction (June 27)
The Transformers franchise is back for another go-around. Let’s hope Michael Bay decides to throw in a few explosions this time…READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE HERE.

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