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I attended a late-night screening of Prisoners alone last week. Usually, when I leave a movie by myself after one in the morning, I expect two things. One, I look like a creep walking to my car. Two, I am fairly exhausted. After Prisoners, only one of those scenarios played out, and it wasn’t the latter. Continue Reading…

Mud Shows Us What’s Clean

Wade —  August 12, 2013 —  Comments

Mud 2

I don’t know if I can trust Matthew McConaughey. He’ll star in a movie like Amistad and I’m ready to join the fan club. Then Failure to Launch will come along and I’m on the verge of throwing him overboard. When I heard rave reviews about his performance in Mud, I quietly wondered if this would be the film that finally gets the romantic comedy virus out of his system. In the end, it just might. Continue Reading…