15 Social Media Posts We’d Rather See This Valentine’s Day

Wade —  February 13, 2014 —  Comments


Let’s be real. Whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be a bit redundant on Valentine’s Day. Hop on social media and you’re bound to see at least one of three posts:

– “Look at my roses!”

– “Valentine’s Day is dumb. We don’t celebrate.”

– “I’m single. #foreveralone.”

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with either of these (maybe), but they’re a bit boring. Here are 15 social media posts we’d all rather see on February 14 (some warrant brief commentary):

1. “On February 14 in the year 269 A.D., St. Valentine was beheaded. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!”

2. One photo. One Guy. One Totino’s Pizza.

Be honest. This picture is the only way a single guy should celebrate Valentine’s Day. Who needs a honey bunny when you have a date with a personal pan pizza?

3. “I know I’m single, but I still think Valentine’s Day is a great holiday. It holds special meaning for many couples around the world.”

Has a single person ever said these words? The pure self-confidence of this post could rip a hole in the universe.

4. The scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where the man’s heart is pulled out of his chest.

The caption, “You stole my heart,” must also follow.

5. Someone live tweeting their horrible Valentine’s date.

“Now he’s pulling into the KFC/A&W drive-thru.”

6. #singleroses

This could go viral. Single people post pictures of empty flower vases with the hashtag #singleroses. Anyone with this kind of humor is a winner in my book (I really hope this happens).

7. “Before reading a Valentine’s Day card, I flip it over to see how much it costs.”

8. “House of Cards”

The three words every significant other wants to hear.

9. “Wait. Jesus is MY Valentine.”

10. “We’re doing Valentine’s Day for the money.” – Hallmark (via @taylordson)

We’re doing Valentine’s Day to keep from sleeping on the couch. – Husbands

11. The number of Taylor Swift songs played on Spotify by your friends.

You have no idea.

12. “Hey everyone, wear read today if you support the legalization of poached panda meat.”

13. “Guys, let’s not forget the true meaning of Valentine’s Day. Cardiovascular awareness.”

Sometimes, I feel like all the hustle and bustle distracts us from what it’s really all about.

14. “I asked girls to compete for my Valentine ‘Bachelor’ style and now I’m left with a Totino’s Pizza.”

15. Hey check out this awesome article from WadeBearden.com.

Jokes aside, I hope all of you (single and taken) have a great Valentine’s Day. If it ends up being terrible, you can always go to the grocery store on February 15 and get chocolate for half the price.

Have anymore to add to the list? Post them in the comments section below!


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