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I can’t keep up with Halloween costumes anymore. It has gotten out of control. I miss the days when you could celebrate in a simple, homely ensemble—maybe even go as the Ghostbusters if you were feeling fancy and free. Now, one has to be incredibly and specifically creative or they won’t get noticed at all. Continue Reading…


Yesterday, I posted the names of ten people I think are a shoe-in to survive the Robot Apocalypse. In one way or another, they have proven themselves to be worthy opponents.

Today, I’m listing the exact opposite. Here’s a rundown of the individuals who won’t live to tell our descendants about Wikipedia and smart phones. I posed this question on Facebook a few days ago and got some help from my friends. Continue Reading…

Wade’s Wisdom: Funny Screen Captures

Wade —  September 3, 2013 —  Comments


Not too long ago, I made the big switch to an Apple computer. Apples have some great features, but the one that I’ve grown to love the most is the “Screen Capture” tool. On a Mac, if you push Command + Shift + 4, a set of crosshairs will appear. With these crosshairs, you can select an area of the screen you want to save as a picture. Continue Reading…